🚓 Trivia Cop: The Game

What is Scratch?

Scratch is a high-level block-based visual programming language and is surprisingly versatile. When working on this project I already had previous programming knowledge in C, C# and Java so catching onto this language came with ease. I knew I wanted to make a game, but didn't know what kind of game. I remembered I love racing and trivia games and then it clicked! What if I make a "racing" trivia game? And the rest is history. Try out the game for yourself below.


You control the cop car by moving it to the right (using "d") and to the left (using "a"). Every 80 points is a trivia question where you have the option between "A" and "B". After 10 seconds the letters will slide down and then BOOM, if you get it wrong then you get sent to the points screen. Make sure to avoid the falling obstacles in between the questions, complete all the trivia and you can stop there but you can keep going for the high score and be a true officer!

How did I do this?

Before this project, I had never used scratch, let alone a block-based visual programming language. I had to learn and adapt to the new language. This confirmed to me that with the right amount of messing around, anything can be learned with time. When I kept messing around with the programming I kept adding and tweaking and I really started creating a game. There is not much trivia in the game since I could not figure out how to add the proper files to do so, but if I were to make this into a non-scratch game that would be the first thing to change. This is one of the first projects where I had total freedom and wanted to really put in the work. I hope you enjoyed trying out the game.

Thanks for reading.